Dry Hire Wedding Venues in Essex

As one of the most popular dry hire wedding venues in Essex (Chelmsford) and one of the most stunning wedding venues in Essex, we understand that many couples may want to use their own caterers, and we’re more than happy to accommodate this!

As a dry hire wedding venue, our package is counter to the fully inclusive wedding style and affords those who prefer to choose each aspect of their wedding with a broader range of options. However, if at any point you wish to use our catering services then, granted there is enough time to prepare, all you need to do is talk to a member of our team and we are more than likely to assist with this request! Offering complete flexibility for those who prefer to get fully stuck into the wedding planning process to make their specific vision a reality, opting for venue only wedding hire in Essex allows for full creative freedom at our stunning countryside location.

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Benefits of Dry Hire Wedding Venues in Essex

Dry hire wedding venues are those that provide only the use of their space, such as a hall or room, without any of the added extras like catering, décor, and production. In comparison, wet hire includes this all and is a better option if you would rather leave the hard work to us so you can focus on the finer details of your big day.

One of the main benefits of venue only wedding hire in Essex is the ability to have more creative freedom over your wedding. Perhaps you are a vegan couple and would like to enlist a bespoke specialist vegan caterer rather than have the venue’s catering team attempt a vegan set menu. If you are a creative and well organised couple looking to create a wedding with your personalities in mind, dry hire wedding venues provide you with a blank canvas to work your magic. It gives you more flexibility about the providers and businesses you’d like to use in conjunction with your event.


What’s Included in Newland Hall’s Dry Hire Wedding Venue Package?

In our dry hire wedding venue option, we can provide you with:

  • Exclusive use of the beautiful venue itself, Newland Hall
  • Tables, chairs, and everything else you would expect from a venue hire option

You can then choose your own caterer, whilst arranging the waiting staff independently or in conjunction with us. As one of Essex’s leading dry hire wedding venues, we always remain flexible and will work closely with you to ensure that your dream wedding can happen at our beautiful grounds.

At Newland Hall, we can comfortably seat up to 150, and 200 buffet style. We also include a fantastic dance floor! With the venue hire option you are of course still guaranteed to have 100% exclusive use of Newland Hall.

Furthermore, as one of the leading dry hire wedding venues in Essex, our services are available all year round and at an extremely competitive price range – please get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your wedding or a viewing should you so wish to proceed with a venue only wedding hire in Essex for your wedding!

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Book Your Dry Hire Venue with the spectacular Newland Hall

Please telephone us on 01245 231010 or use the “Venue Only Hire Quotation Request” Form to obtain a detailed emailed quotation based on your preferred date(s).


What are dry hire wedding venues?

The phase ‘dry hire’ is used when referring to the use of the space only, giving people complete freedom when planning their wedding day. By being able to hire the venue without the additional extras such as decorations, catering, entertainment, and any other extras which may come as part of a wedding package, they can pick out their own preferred suppliers and make the day their own. Dry hire wedding venues in Essex tend to be popular among those looking for a blank canvas, getting heavily involved since they have a specific vision for their big day and want to be left in charge of planning the smaller details.

Is it cheaper to opt for venue only wedding hire in Essex?

When it comes to making the booking, opting for a dry hire package is bound to be much cheaper than a wedding package as it does not come with the additional extras. Although it may seem like the more savvy option, this completely depends on the suppliers that get chosen for things like food, drink, entertainment, and decorations. Whether somebody organises for a local caterer to supply a cold buffet in the evening or opts for a three course sit down meal plus evening stations offering different cuisines, the price point will completely depend on the individual in charge of planning and how budget-friendly they wish to be.

What is included with dry hire wedding venues in Essex?

When you opt for a dry hire package, we work alongside you to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams at Newland Hall. As well as having completely exclusive use of the stunning grounds, we are also more than happy to provide use of our tables and chairs should you require them for a sit-down meal. Our seating area allows you to comfortably sit 150 guests for a meal or 200 if you’re planning a buffet style reception after the ceremony. There is also plenty of space on the dance floor which is always a huge hit in the evening when everybody is ready to let their hair down!