Cosy & Intimate Small Wedding Venues in Essex

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We have seen an increase in popularity for small wedding venues in Essex over the last couple of years. We have intimate wedding packages that are held at small wedding venues in Chelmsford, centred around you and your loved ones. Our small wedding packages UK provide you with a cosy, relaxed and more intimate atmosphere in comparison to much larger wedding parties people are used to. Choosing small wedding venues in Essex is a popular choice among couples who value more lowkey ceremonies and celebration, while giving them space to fully enjoy it with close family and friends.

You only get married once so it’s best to make the most of it, while maintaining the personalisation of it for your fiancé. You can choose from a stunning range of small wedding venues in Essex. Newland Hall is situated in a historical setting that is rich in Tudor splendour, perfect for a more intimate wedding with traditional spins, where you can fully relax while enjoying a ceremony and reception with your loved ones.

The Value in Choosing Intimate Wedding Venues

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the popularity of intimate weddings and the need for small wedding venues. The social restrictions placed upon weddings in the UK because of Covid consequently saw the value of small and intimate weddings increased as people realised both the sentimental and financial value of keeping weddings small.

Indeed, weddings are so personal. They are about love, vulnerability, and heartfelt promises of commitment. Small wedding packages UK has taught us the value of sharing such raw emotions with those who mean most to us, rather than a huge number of people.

There is also the financial value of choosing small wedding venues. With less people to cater for and think about, you can choose where to splurge and where to save. For example, for small wedding parties, you could splurge on an 8-course tasting menu with fine wine pairings – something you may not have been able to do with a wedding party of say, 100.

Your Special Day in Chelmsford, Small Wedding Venues in Essex

Once your ceremony has concluded, you can then proceed to enjoy reception drinks in your spot of choice. Whether you head out to our splendid lawn, socialise on the well-maintained patio area or relax in our cosy and intimate bar, the choice is yours. This will be followed by lunch in our beautiful Henry VIII Room (or if you would rather, you could also have your lunch in our marquee) where you and your wedding party can enjoy some quality time in the stunning surroundings.

The small wedding packages UK at our small Chelmsford wedding venue has been built with flexibility in mind so you can choose the details and the locations that suit you best. The proceedings included at our small wedding venues in Essex will generally begin at around 11am and are usually finished at around 6pm, although as with all aspects of this package, the exact wedding itinerary of times are up to you. We find that the 7-hour window affords ample time for you and your guests to enjoy the ceremony, reception drinks with canapés, and lunch complete with speeches, all whilst allowing for plenty of time for drinks reception afterwards.

Picking the Perfect Small Wedding Packages UK

If you are planning on booking small wedding venues in Essex, get a quotation for your expected numbers and ideal dates by using our “quotation request” to obtain a cost estimation. If you would rather call us directly, you are more than welcome to speak to a member of the team over the phone for some friendly advice.

Please note that our “Cosy & Intimate” wedding packages at our small venues in Essex are only available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (exc. Bank & School Holidays). Should you prefer a larger wedding, we can comfortably cater for up to 150 daytime guests and up to 200 evening guests. Please see our sample pricing and/or complete the “quotation request” for small wedding packages UK.

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